Amplifying voices of communities

Selection and Eligibility Criteria

How We Select Fellows

The ADH Community Journalism Fellowship prioritizes stories deep-diving into community health challenges, causes of hunger and extreme poverty, and more importantly stories showing structural barriers women and girls face.


We are especially keen to support applicants:


– Who live in Nigeria, in communities where presented issues are pertinent. We are looking for those who seek to address issues that affect them directly. 


– Who have had challenges accessing learning resources, tools and otherwise finance to enable them perform their journalistic activities.


– Who have not already had noteworthy access to reporting fellowships or scholarships.



Selection and Eligibility Criteria


Your application should enable us understand who you are, and how the pitch relates to the following criteria –




Indpeth passion to reporting and telling stories that amplify marginalized voices, and highlight issues at the community level and focus on problem-solving. 


Interested applicants should be Nigerians with at least three years of substantive experience in telling stories that navigate the intersection of health, education, gender and environment issues. 


Innovation and Impact

Clear communication of the intent of project, the ability and willingness to enshrine change and a plan to leverage the learnings and otucomes from the fellowship bootcamp to refrom and implement the project or idea.


Willingness to embrace the principles of investigation, community journalism, data storytelling, and their allied practice to deliver an overall evidenced-based outcome.


Being a focal point to the shaping of the roadmap for social change in the media sector and society at large.


Dedication and Preparedness


Open to learning from multiple perspectives, encounters, and the flexibilty to adjust and transcend into opportunities when they come despite differences. 


Preparedness to engage wholy with the ADH Community Journalism Fellowship academic and mentorship journey. 


Willingness to share your gained experiences by contributing to the fellowship community via teaching and learning activities such as fellow–led workshops, study groups, peer-to-peer learning partnerships, and group work.


Devotion to others through the lending of a hand in support, towards a greater collective impact beyond self.

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