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Application Process

When applying for the fellowship


Applications for the Africa Data Hub Community Journalism Fellowship will open in 3 cohorts (2022 – 2023). 


All applicants must complete an online application on the ADH Community Journalism Fellowship website, in addition to filling in an application form, you will also need to:


  • Pitch a Story Idea
  • Draft a Budget
  • Upload your CV
  • Upload a letter or email from the editor of a publication who is interested in publishing your story.


Please ensure all the required supporting documents are provided, if your application is incomplete, it will not be considered.


Fellowship Timeline – 

  • Open call to apply for the fellowship program – 2 weeks
  • Screening and selection of fellows – 2 weeks
  • ADH Data Journalism Bootcamp for fellows – 3 days
  • Fellowship Program – 10 weeks


Cohort 1 applcation has ended. Cohort 2 will be announced soon.

WANT TO BE a fellow?

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Pitch your Story

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Submit a Budget

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Upload your CV

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