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About ADH Fellowship

The Africa Data Hub’s Fellowship is a multi-stakeholder programme designed to give journalists across the continent the funding, support and opportunity to create accurate, powerful stories backed by rich data and engaging visualisations. The fellowships are currently being run in Kenya and Nigeria.

Fellows are given hands-on training on unique techniques and tools to practice industry standard reporting


Fellows receive financial compensation in the form of a micro=grant or stipend to cover the costs of producing their data stories.


Fellows will be mentored by journalism experts throughout the programme in how to source, analyse and visualise data as well as craft the narrative.


Fellows from past and present fellowships can join the growing community of journalists to collaborate and access more opportunities.

Local communities

across Africa are gravely affected by the weight of global economic crisis, form inflation to climate change and more. These factors are gravely affecting public service delivery and social amenities at grassroot levels.   To produce evidence and amplify the occurences, we are supporting community journalists to report on the following themes;

  • Equitable economic recovery
  • Access to equitable healthcare
  • Gender equality
  • Climate change

The Africa Data Hub (ADH) Community Journalism Fellowship seeks to build and empower a network of solution agents tp produce reports backed by evidence (data) on issues affecting their communities.

The Africa Data Hub (ADH) Community Journalism Fellowship is an initiative of Orodata Science and Civic Tech, created in March 2022 with the aim of improving the coverage of under-reported issues in local communities across Africa, paying special attention to potential solutions with lasting impact towards effective public service delivery, grassroot development and improving the quality of life.

Community journalism holds the key to bridging the wide gap between Africa’s urban and rural areas with news, information, education and development, as most of the issues are underreported by the mainstream media, community journalists often turn the spotlight on them.

This fellowship program will support community journalists with micro-grants, capacity development and tools to produce in-depth data-driven stories that are investigative in nature on issues affecting communities in different parts of the country.

The program will prioritize stories deep-diving into community health challenges, causes of hunger and extreme poverty, climate disasters, and more importantly stories of showing structural barriers women and girls face.

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